Sustainable with Google 2021

Our commitment to sustainability includes everyone. Last year we announced our Third Decade of Climate Action, and pledged to help 1 billion users make more sustainable choices by 2022.


Sustainable with Google '21 Fact Sheet

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Quotes (and contact info) from Experts and Partners

PDF - 84 Kb


More quotes from Nest Renew partners available on Nest page below.

Videos are currently unlisted, and will be public and permitted for sharing or embedding when the embargo lifts at 12:01am PST on October 6.


Nest Renew


Shopping - Home Appliances

Search - Electric Vehicles

Search - Climate Change


Research - Traffic Light Efficiency

Past Blog Posts

Sustainability Bond Impact Report


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About Sustainable With Google

Moving towards carbon free by 2030 won’t be easy. Here’s how we’re leading at Google, supporting partners, and enabling everyone to be part of the solution to climate change.